Guest speaker Annette Zacharias
and dinner host Kim Miller

During our July 27, 2022, dinner meeting, the QCNC members were fortunate to enjoy our guest speaker Annette Zacharias, Executive Director of the Family Housing Network (FHN). During Annette’s presentation she shared the history of FHN and its current and ongoing successes within our community.

Members learned that in 2009, leaders from different faith communities began discussing the possibility of expanding the work of Loveland’s Angel House. Recruitment of faith communities were brought together with the intention of extending the 10-year-old Loveland program to Fort Collins.

Today, FHN provides services to families with children who are homeless, ranging from day and/or overnight shelter and case management to short term rental subsidies or short term supported housing. In partnership with Homeward Alliance, FHN provides area case managers with a fully stocked emergency pantry and children’s closet as well.

Our members were fortunate and enthused to learn more about this outstanding service and all that they provide to the many families who benefit from the services available.

For more information, visit their website at https://www.familyhousingnetwork.org/

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