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Photo Above: Quota Pride!

Quota Club of Northern Colorado actively supports the efforts and activities of many local agencies and non-profit organizations in their efforts to make Northern Colorado a great place to live for all.

QCNC strives to develop and support programs that will improve the quality of life for others through a variety of service projects in our community. We will give of ourselves and our financial resources to assist those in need. Further, we will advance the ideals of righteousness, justice, international understanding and goodwill.

The members of QCNC are very involved in our community, in other organizations, in businesses, in education, and in churches. We lead others by example to become involved and volunteer to make a difference. We provide assistance to disadvantaged women and children and to those who are deaf or hearing impaired (DHH).

Motto: “We Share”
Organization Name: Quota Club of Northern Colorado
One founding member, paging through the dictionary, came upon the Latin word, “quota,” meaning “a share of one part of a whole.”