Eligibility in one of these two groups:

1. Students seeking a post high school education in any field at any accredited institution, in or out of Colorado, who have educationally significant hearing loss in one or both ears. If accepted, you must submit a letter from an Audiologist verifying the degree and nature of the hearing loss.


2. Students seeking any of the following at an accredited Colorado institution (hearing loss is not a requirement): Masters or Doctorate degree in Audiology; Masters or Doctorate
degree in Deaf Education, or an Associate or Bachelors degree as Interpreter for the Deaf.

Preference is given to students who attended high school in Larimer or Weld County.
Deaf and Hard of Hearing students may seek post secondary education in any State.
Students of Audiology, Deaf Ed and Interpreter programs must attend a program in the State of Colorado.

Scholarship Details

  • Amount of Scholarship: $1000 per school year
  • A student may reapply each year they remain in school or in the programs approved above.
  • Applications are taken at anytime, there is not deadline.

Scholarship Application

Use the link below to complete the application online.
Note: Respondents will be required to sign in to Google to complete the application and upload the essay

Applicants will be asked to provide:

  • Basic personal contact details and education
  • Two personal references (name, phone number, email, and how you know them) – These may be from an educator, interpreter of the Deaf who worked with you, high school counselor, or a supervisor or volunteer coordinator from a paid or unpaid job.
  • Essay – a short essay (.doc or PDF format) detailing the following:

Tell us a little about yourself.
What motivates you to attend college?
How would this scholarship assist you in achieving your goals?
How you plan to contribute to society upon completion of your degree

Click here to go to the online scholarship application.

Respondents will be required to sign in to Google to complete the application

Applicants who prefer to complete and submit a paper version of the application may Click Here to download the application.