QIFC Contributes to Our Community


Quota International of Ft. Collins supported Project Self Sufficiency with their scholarship recognition dinner by providing a variety of salads.  Some members purchased, prepared and delivered the ingredients to the site, while other members put together the ingredients to create beautiful salads as part of the dinner for the scholarship recipients and their families.  What a moving evening to learn what the recipients have done to improve their lives, and their families lives through education.

Loveland Youth Gardeners 2Each year, QIFC donates $300.00 to Loveland Youth Gardeners. These funds provide scholarships which enable kids to attend this non-profit program, dedicated to cultivating skills and stewardship in young people through sustainable gardening and healthy living practices. To learn more about Loveland Youth Gardeners, click this link: www.lovelandyouthgardeners.org/




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