Quotarians – Three Generations
Article by MaryAnne Martell –  Quotarian, 27 years

Betty Ann and MotherWhen my grandparents came to Fort Collins in 1940, there were service clubs for businessmen, not women. Grandma had heard of Quota International and decided she and her friends in the business community should set up a chapter here. Quota became a multi generational commitment for us, my grandma Nelle Gillett, my mom Betty Anne Husted, and me.  When my grandma died, we even asked that money be given to QIFC instead of flowers for her service.  Mom and I have held many local club offices, have been honored to receive many awards, served as District 9 Governors, made many friends in the Quota-world, and have been thrilled to attend many conferences and international conventions.

Betty Ann receives the District 9 Outstanding Member Award

Betty Ann and M.A.

Betty Anne Husted and daughter, MaryAnne Martell