Comments From Recipients

Note: Quota Club of Northern Colorado was formerly Quota International of Fort Collins.

Quota /Fort Collins National Philanthropy Award
-Deb Gillan, McKinney Liaison for PSD

It has come to my attention that the Fort Collins Chapter of Quota International is applying for the National Philanthropy Day Colorado Award. It is with a grateful heart that I would like to recommend these selfless and caring women for this award.

I am the McKinney Liaison for Putnam Elementary. My primary job is to support the homeless students of my school academically and to make sure that they have what they need to be successful in school. This year Putnam had eighty six homeless students. These students often come to us under great stress and without many of the things most of us take for granted. Thanks to the women of Quota International these students have received the love and care that have helped them transition into successful students.

The women of Quota International are known as the Birthday Fairies, Santa’s Stocking Angels, as well as the “ladies who bring really good snacks and fun hygiene supplies” to our students. Our special students, who do not have a home of their own, often do not have the resources to even celebrate their birthdays. Here come the Birthday Fairies! Every child that needs cupcakes to celebrate their birthday with their classmates is visited by the Birthday Fairies. You can not believe what this means to a five year old as well as an eleven year old. They get to feel normal, included and celebrated. They get to share their day with their friends as well as their family. One of the little girls even said “I am taking a cupcake to the cook at the Mission. He is my best friend!”

At Christmas many of my students are adopted by sponsors to receive gifts. But the angels of Quota took it one step further and made sure that every homeless student in my school received a special Christmas stocking full of food, toys and hygiene items. They personalized them and delivered them to my school in time for Christmas celebrations.

In addition these wonderful partners of Putnam provide food and hygiene items for the students year round. I know at anytime I can email or call them and they will be there for me and my students. I had a little boy this year that was a survivor of domestic violence. I asked him if there was anything I could do for just him. He asked if I could get him a stuffed animal for his little brother because he was scared, and it would make him feel better to hold on to something soft. Before I could even look for an animal for this special boy an angel from Quota arrived with stuffed animals. I hadn’t even called them! My staff was so full of awe and gratitude that day – our hearts were truly touched.

These women also have donated money to our school to support students to go to our district school camps, sports camps and music lessons. Basically if there is a something a student is in need of, Quota is there to help.

It is not just the monetary contributions, or the items mentioned above that always make the difference for me and my students, it is that these wonderful and compassionate women “have our backs”. I know that there are others in my community that support and love these children as much as I and the staff at Putnam do. I wish there were words to really describe what this kind of selfless and unexpected support does for the moral of the students, families and the staff of my school.

Quota International is truly a member of the Putnam Elementary family. It is because of their support our students are developing self- esteem, empathy for others and academic and social success. They are part of an amazing team that is making the future of our students brighter for them and for the community of Fort Collins.
Thank you for considering the Fort Collins Chapter of Quota International for this award. I know that they represent what true philanthropy is.

Club Name Change:
Quota International of Fort Collins is now known as Quota Club of Northern Colorado.